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At filmDOUGH, we are more than just a media production company; we are a brand born out of love for film and storytelling. Created by the visionary trio of Kristiana Abrasheva, Enrique Arribas, and Lorand Balazs Imre, filmDOUGH began as a collective passion project in 2020. Our founders, united by their dedication to cinematic excellence, embarked on this journey with the aim of revolutionizing the way stories are told. However, as time progressed, Kristiana and Kike decided to pursue different paths, leaving Lorand at the helm of this ambitious endeavor.

Under Lorand's leadership, filmDOUGH has evolved into a dynamic film production company with a clear objective: to conceptualize, create, and disseminate a diverse range of media products. Our mission is holistic, covering the entire spectrum of media production—from the spark of an initial idea to the wide-reaching phase of distribution. At the heart of filmDOUGH Productions is our commitment to crafting compelling narratives and producing visually stunning content. We believe in the power of storytelling and are dedicated to ensuring that our creations not only captivate but also reach their intended audiences effectively.

As innovators in the media landscape, we constantly push the boundaries of storytelling and visual engagement. Our team is passionate about exploring new horizons in media production, always seeking out unique and untold stories that deserve a spotlight. Whether it's a groundbreaking documentary, a mesmerizing film, or an engaging digital series, filmDOUGH is at the forefront of creating media that matters.

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