My name is Lorand Balazs Imre. Amongst other things (download CV), I am a filmmaker, I am bending over backwards to be one. I was born in 1979, in Balassagyarmat, Hungary. Stories have interested me from an early age. At university, I studied literature and journalism. Years spent in the US between 2001 and 2004 formed my identity and my taste for freedom. In 2008, I joined my friend’s company, SpeakEasy Project, in Budapest, Hungary, to reinvent it. In 2010, we produced our first web-video; in 2013, our first documentary; in 2014, the second, which I also directed, etc. 

I have arrived at filmmaking at a rather late age. Just as with all other activities I engage in, there are two main motivations. One is to get to know and live up to my highest self, the other is to give back to the community I come from. I am here to create value.  

I see life and the world around me, which also includes work, in terms of stories and I believe in the edifying power of them. Motion picture is the number one medium of our age, a common language, through which I can get to know and form the world I live in.  

Making my first documentary in 2013 was the most edifying experience in a long time in both my personal life and professional career. Filmmaking has become an essential part of my life. Currently, I live and work in Berlin, where I established SpeakEasy Project Berlin, my exclusive branch to produce and promote documentaries in this lovely city.